About Us

The Ottawa Report is a local, independent news start-up based in the nation’s capital.

In recent months and years, the Canadian mainstream media has seen massive contraction in the face of high operating costs and plummeting revenues. As a result, the number of journalists doing important things like monitoring government activity, bringing more voices to the public discourse, and entertaining you with local arts and sports coverage continues to fall.

At the Ottawa Report, we’re concerned too – and we want to try something new. Our goal is to provide as much high quality, local coverage as we can by keeping overhead costs low and directing all subscriber revenue to news-gathering activities. With a voluntary subscription to the Ottawa Report, you can be confident that your money is going to local writers who are doing local journalism, not some conglomerate’s expenses.

If you believe in this approach, or if see anything here that you like, I hope you’ll consider a $4.99 per month voluntary subscription to The Ottawa Report. You can join up by clicking the “Subscribe” button you see just below this paragraph.

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And if there’s anything you want to see here or feel we can do better, please email me personally at jgordon@ottawareport.com. I’ll be happy to get back to you a quickly as I can.

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James Gordon
Publisher, The Ottawa Report