ATIP document: Government’s evaluation of War of 1812 program

Hey remember all those ads about the War of 1812 and about how we should all learn about it? That whole thing was run by the government of Canada at a cost of a shade under $30 million (not including a bunch of other immeasurable costs from other departments like employee salaries, etc.). If you believe said campaign was a good use of tax dollars, great news! According to an internal evaluation obtained under the Access to Information Act, it actually came in under budget and achieved its goal of telling us that (spoiler alert!) WE WON! Woo! Well, sort of. We were British then.


And if polls say something is that popular, politicians are going to damn well be on top of it!


That’s a lot of money! Guys, we won! Let’s let America off the hook! Ah well, as far as these things go, at least there was value for money here, despite some early challenges.


And yet, there’s always room for improvement, and you can see at the end the report calls for a formalized structure to handle large-scale commemorations in the future, which, you might be surprised to learn, doesn’t already exist.



The following bit gives you a sense of what kind of web traffic something like this does (keep in mind the nation-wide advertising campaign).


If you’re interested in having a look at the full report, you can download and peruse here.


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