McLeod: Ottawa’s ‘flex space’ stretched by automobile overuse

What’s flex space, you may ask? Basically, it’s a type of shared street space. If the city feels that there’s not enough space to accommodate all uses of a street—or that demand is not consistent enough to devoting space to a specific use 24/7—they’ll deem some of the space “flex space”. It’s like multi-use space, though usually only one use can happen at a time.

Callaghan: LeBreton bids offer two distinct visions

The anticipation building up to last week’s unveiling of the two proposals for the redevelopment of LeBreton was so high that some people couldn’t even wait to react. Literally, some pundits, and even politicians (who should know better) were prejudging the bids based solely on cryptic detail-free leaks and a mountain of assumptions. When the…