National Gallery of Canada opening new photography exhibits Friday

The National Gallery of Canada is launching two new photography exhibits Friday.

The first, called simply Photography in Canada 1960-2000, takes a wide-angle look at 40 years of work by Canada’s leading photographers, including Edward Burtynsky, Suzy Lake, Jeff Wall and Angela Grauerholz.

“The variety, width and breadth of photographic culture in Canada is extraordinary,” said NGC Director and CEO, Marc Mayer, CEO and National Gallery of Canada director Marc Mayer said in a release. “The four decades covered in this exhibition were particularly fertile for the photographic medium in Canada. It was a thoroughly fascinating time and we are delighted to present this exhibition during the 150th anniversary of Confederation.”

The exhibit features more than 100 images taken by 71 photographers, organized thematically by Andrea Kunard, Associate Curator of Photographs with the Canadian Photography Institute.

“As much as “Photography in Canada, 1960-2000 celebrates a diversity of photographic practices,” Kunard explained, “it also shows the development of photography as a contemporary art form and chronicler of modern life.”

The second exhibit is called Photolab2: Women Speaking Art, and it seeks to illustrate how “text is used to explore the contexts of who is speaking and why; convey issues of social concern; provoke response; inform; and most importantly stimulate viewers to an active role of questioning.


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