NCC land worth $322 million per year in ‘environmental benefits’ to capital region, report claims

A report prepared by the David Suzuki Foundation in conjunction with the National Capital Commission claims that the NCC’s 55,000 hectares of land produce an average of $322 million in “environmental benefits” per year.

Although it would seem impossible to quantify “ecosystem services” like “air quality control, water filtration, climate regulation, carbon storage and habitat protection,” the report’s authors nonetheless argue that the environmental benefit is worth around $5 billion when considering a net present value over 20 years from NCC green spaces.

From the participants:

“The study, entitled ‘Natural Capital: The Economic Value of the National Capital Commission’s Green Spaces’, captures the total economic vitality of the NCC’s green spaces, and was conducted by the team of Jérôme Dupras, professor at the Département des sciences naturelles of the Université du Québec en Outaouais, and researcher at the Institut des sciences de la forêt tempérée.

The study applied well-established methods to calculate the value of ‘ecosystem services’ and used them to estimate the total economic value of 13 identified ecosystem services provided by the NCC’s green and agricultural spaces, including direct monetary benefits from wood and agricultural products, as well as indirect environmental and health benefits.”

You can read the entire report by clicking here.

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