NCC recommends Tunney’s Pasture as future Ottawa Hospital site

The National Capital Commission is recommending Tunney’s Pasture as the location of the Ottawa Hospital’s proposed Civic Campus.

Ottawa Hospital had submitted a report to the federal government earlier this year proposing four potential hospital sites, three on the Central Experimental Farm and one at Tunney’s Pasture. The NCC reviewed all of the proposals and reported its recommendation on Thursday.

“Not only does it best meet the 21 criteria, its preeminence is supported by the most recent data concerning the long-range urban intensification in the core of the capital, the plans for urban transportation and general the demographics and federal land use in the long term,” NCC CEO Mark Kristmanson said.

The hospital’s initial plans to take over Experimental Farm property – with the approval of the former federal Conservative government – was controversial, with many arguing the historical agricultural lands ought to be protected.

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