Toyota recalls nearly 150,000 RAV4s in Canada after seatbelts fail

An investigation by Transport Canada research engineers and investigators has resulted in the recall of nearly 150,000 Toyota RAV4s in this country.

Transport Canada found that, in a severe frontal crash, contact with the steel structure in the seat could cause the rear seat belt to be cut.

The model years affected span from 2006-2012.

The department found the problem after replicating a fatal crash involving a 2011 RAV4 in Canada in which the front occupants survived the frontal crash and the rear passengers didn’t. Both rear seatbelts severed and both crash dummies used in the test sustained what would have been potentially deadly injuries.

Transport Canada presented its findings to Toyota and a follow-up investigation by the car maker confirmed the problem.

Affected owners are asked to contact their Toyota dealers to schedule a time to have seat flange covers installed.


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